Developing Smart Cities and Sustainable Urban Development


Discover the journey of India’s urban transformation towards developing smart cities and fostering sustainable urban development. Explore the challenges posed by rapid urbanization and the initiatives taken by the Indian government to create livable and prosperous urban spaces. Dr. Nishant Raj Kapoor from COER University sheds light on the integration of technology, infrastructure, renewable energy, waste management, and citizen engagement in achieving this visionary goal.

India’s Urbanization Challenge and Smart Cities Mission

Understand the unprecedented urbanization India has undergone in recent decades, leading to significant challenges such as congestion, pollution, and resource demands. Explore the Smart Cities Mission launched by the Indian government in 2015, aiming to transform 100 cities into technologically advanced and sustainable urban centers. Learn how this initiative envisions enhancing infrastructure, livability, and inclusivity through cutting-edge technology and citizen engagement.

Key Areas for Sustainable Smart Cities Development

Dive into the six major areas crucial for developing sustainable smart cities in India, catering to the needs of the rapidly growing urban population. Explore how infrastructure development, sustainable energy solutions, smart governance, waste management, digital connectivity, and citizen engagement contribute to creating holistic and prosperous urban environments.

COER University’s Role in Promoting Sustainable Smart Cities

Discover COER University’s commitment to aligning education with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for creating sustainable smart cities. Learn how education and training are essential for producing leaders who will contribute to the holistic growth of the nation. Explore how COER University’s efforts are in sync with the mission of developing smart cities and sustainable urban development.

Dr. Nishant Raj Kapoor’s Insight on Smart Cities

Quote: “Smart cities are not just built with bricks and mortar; they are forged by the seamless integration of technology, sustainability, and the aspirations of its citizens.” – Dr. Nishant Raj Kapoor.

Gain insights from Dr. Nishant Raj Kapoor, a visionary in the field of sustainable smart cities. Explore his perspective on the multifaceted approach required for building smart cities, emphasizing the harmonious blend of technology, sustainability, and citizen aspirations.


Explore India’s remarkable progress in developing smart cities and sustainable urban development. Understand how investments in research, education, technology, infrastructure, renewable energy, waste management, and citizen engagement have driven this mission forward. Recognize the importance of a holistic and inclusive approach, adapting to the diverse needs and challenges faced by different cities. Discover how India can create a sustainable and prosperous urban future through continuous learning and adaptation.


Reference: Kumar, Aman, Nishant Raj Kapoor, Harish Chandra Arora, Ashok Kumar, G. Saini, D. M. Nguyen, N. Kumar, and R. Shah. “Smart cities: a step toward sustainable development.” In Smart Cities: Concepts, Practices, and Applications, pp. 1-43. Boca Raton and London: CRC Press, 2022.

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Dr. Nishant Raj Kapoor

Assistant professor 

Department of Civil Engineering

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